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with your host Richard Ellerington 

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Richard Ellerington chats to Robbie Obrien about church services, numbers, and tithing - they explore how do we measure success in church life. 

Richard Ellerington chats to Robbie Obrien about the toxic culture that can develop in churches - how do we avoid it and what is real accountability?

Richard Ellerington chats to Claude Ellerington - His dad about the reality of growing up in the world of Ministy - is Rich a victim of his childhood environment

Richard Ellerington chats to Claude Ellerington - His dad about the suicide, metal health and the pressure of pioneering a church 

Richard Ellerington chats to Roy and Lanny Hitchman who run "Hitched" which is a relationship leadership Ministy - This is a must for all of us to listen too! 


Andy Frost joins David Kinnaman, the President of Barna Global, to explore cultural trends and how this impacts how we, as the Church, communicate the message of Jesus.

Andy Frost joins Rich Ellerington, founder of Surf Church, to explore church planting in Western Europe and some key values around starting a church from scratch with people who have no experience of Jesus.

In this podcast Andy Frost interviews Osoba Otiagbe, author of ‘Cultural Intelligence’, exploring the underlying principles behind how we can connect and reach people from other cultures in the cities of today.

Andy interviews singer/ songwriter Jasmin Jones about the use of music in outreach and why the Arts are so powerful in connecting deeply with people.

Andy hosts Robert Tomaschek, European Leader of Dynamic Church Planting International, and they explore why church planting is necessary in seeing people come to faith in Europe.

Talk Story - The CS podcast 

This group of dedicated Jesus followers make one of the most inflectional surf ministries in the world. Check out some of the wonderful stories from people make a real difference in the world of surfing 


Enjoy our latest CS Podcast which features the director of Christian Surfers South Africa, Jason Mendonca. Jason currently lives in Jeffreys Bay and although young in years he’s wisdom precedes him. Here Jason give us some info into where he’s from, how he got saved and some plans he has for the future of CS South Africa. Enjoy.

Shannon Ainslie is a long-time Christian Surfers member from the sleepy South African town of East London who currently resides in Norway. There are three things that stand out about Shannon, his love for Jesus, his banging forehand carve and the fact that he's had a life-threatening encounter with every single dangerous predator the ocean has lurking in its deep blue depths. He calls himself the 'ocean whisperer' we call him 'the modern-day wave riding Paul.'

For this episode we have the lovely Audrey Harrison hailing from Christian Surfers France. Based in the surf town of Hossegor, Audrey talks about how she started surfing, how she met her husband and how she came to know Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.

Oh my word, do we have a surprise for you! The master of froth, Mark Sawyer-Chu, managed to lockdown former surfing World Champion, CJ Hobgood on the Christian Surfers podcast! Can we get a collective Christian Surfers, yeeeeeuuuuwww!!

This week on the CS podcast we have an absolute legend of a human, hailing from the United Kingdom, Phil Williams. Phil Williams is the head of Christian Surfers in the Uk & Europe, he is a father, surfer, skateboarder, photographer and absolutely froths on life.

Here we have our latest Talk Story, The CS Podcast featuring none other than, the legend, Mr Canada himself, Dan ‘the man’ Mansell!. Dan is a beautiful soul, a humble man with a love for the Father and he has insightful points regarding his experience of being a Christian Surfer in Canada.

Talk Story, the CS Podcast features the man the myth the legend, pastor Dennis Leon from Christian Surfers Costa Rica. Dennis became a Christian when he was about 18 years old and his pastor promptly informed him that he had to give up surfing because “surfing and Jesus doesn’t mix!” Even though Dennis was on the national Costa Rican surfing team, Dennis quit surfing for a whole year because he wanted to put Christ before surfing. Certainly a beautiful and admiral tale of a young man willing to put God before his desires.

Welcome to the second episode of our Talk Story series featuring head pastor of Salty Church; Robbie Obrien. Here Robbie and the master of froth, Mark Sawyer-Chu discuss Robbie’s involvement with Christian Surfers, Salty Church and the Surf Church Collective.

Welcome to Talk Story episode 3 featuring the director for Christian Surfers Mexico, Mike Allbutt being interview by the advocate of froth, Mark Sawyer-Chu. Mike has been involved in Christian Surfers for a long period of time. He currently resides in Mexico - Puerto Escondido to be specific, where he spends his time discipling followers of Christ, starting different missions within Mexico and the remaining hours pulling into pits at the Mexican Pipeline.

Talk Story -featuring Christian Surfers Operations Manager, Casey Cruciano being interviewed by surfing’s ultimate advocate of froth, Mark Sawyer-Chu. It’s a fantastic interview where Mark and Casey discuss the early days of Christian Surfers, Casey’s short-lived pro surfing career as well as many other juicy morsels.

In our latest episode of Talk Story: The CS Podcast, we check in with newly appointed directors of Christian Surfers United States, David & Amy Nehrig. Enjoy 30 minutes of getting to know the Nehrig's a little better via Casey Cruciano/Mark Sawyer-Chu (It's really difficult to tell them about these days 😜) their heart for ministry and #GoBigOrGoHomeAdventures!

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