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What's happening around the world of Surf Church?

The Surfers Way
Juin 2022

A Surf trip like no other in the world 
A fully mobile leadership conference built for adventurers


Christian Surfers/Surf Church Collective Global Leadership Summit

we want to grab the opportunity for our family on a mission to gather! With profound excitement, we are calling all CS and SCC Global leaders to dust off their passports, sharpen up their visa application skills, and get on a plane to come and attend the CS Global Leadership Summit in Sunny, San Diego

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17 - 21 October 2022

The Surf Church Collective portion of the conference 

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Big News
CSALT program coming to Hossegor France in January 2022

If you are between the age of 18 and 30ish, looking for an opportunity to combine your passion for Christ with your love of surfing, you are at the right place. Let’s talk about deepening them both.




Our program aims at creating an environment where you can intentionally deepen your relationship with your Creator while enjoying surfing and developing your abilities at the same time.

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Rich Ellerington runs intro to Surf Church planting!

Every Wednesday at 7 pm (GMT) Rich will host a zoom call for those wanting to explore what church planting might look like. Wether you are new to the idea or a seasoned pro , this is a chance for you to meet the SCC team and connect. 

It is completely free and all you need to do is sign up below 

Newquay England

Join the WaveHouse team and train and serve.

 Have you ever thought that you would like to pursue an internship with a local church in the UK?


Why not join the amazing Wave House family on mission!


Find our more about the programme at

Girls CS weekend

Surf Church 

Christian Surfers Girls Weekend is back


See you October 1, 2021 in Hossegor.


On the program: Bible time, barbecue, skate, surf... Attention, limited spots!


For more info, write to Mylène:!


See you soon @christiansurfersgirls



Surf church Porto is looking for new team members to help plant churches in Portugal. 

The residential course will cover all you need to know as you train alongside one of the Surf Churches located in Portugal.


Graduation is having planted a new church. This if for those who feel lead to Portugal specifically. 


Contact Greg Waver for more information:
+351 927 634 841
Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 18.01.55.png

New ChurchPlanting course
in Porto 


Big News!!! CSUS National Gathering has moved right here to our own backyard!! Salty Church has been gracious enough to let us switch things around last minute and the gathering will be held in the Ormond Beach campus September 30 - October 4th

There’s still time to register, click the link below

CSUS National Gathering 
moved to Ormond Beach

UK church
looking for staff 

The Wavehouse church in Newquay England is located in one of the worlds primary surf locations. Famous for the Boardriders event, this town has been at the centre of European surf culture for years. 

Well, this is your chance to become part of the team.


Why not get in contact with Matt at Wavehouse and submit your CV 

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